OpenReports CN 开源商业智能报表解决方案

OpenReports CN – 开源报表解决方案 ,BI商业智能框架,可快速生成和计划生成报表,兼容常见数据库,支持异构数据,集中报表呈现。

OpenReports 是一个基于web的报表解决方案,可为用户提供通过浏览器查看动态创建的PDF、HTML或XLS格式报表的能力。OpenReports 使用Java开发的,并使用JasperReports作为报表生成引擎。

OpenReports is a powerful, flexible, and easy to use open source web reporting solution that provides browser based, parameter driven, dynamic report generation and flexible report scheduling capabilities.

OpenReports supports a variety of open source reporting engines, including JasperReports, JFreeReport, JXLS, and Eclipse BIRT, to provide support for a wide range of reporting requirements and capabilities. OpenReports also includes QueryReports and ChartReports, easy to create SQL based reports that do not require a predefined report definition. In addition, OpenReports now supports OLAP, via Mondrian and JPivot.

OpenReports provides a web based report generation and administration interface with the following features:

  • Support for a wide variety of export formats including PDF, HTML, CSV, XLS, RTF, and Image.
  • Web based Administration of Users, Groups, Reports, Parameters, and DataSources.
  • Flexible Scheduling including Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Cron scheduling and multiple recipients.
  • Comprehensive Report Parameter support including Date, Text, List, Query, and Boolean parameters.
  • Fine-grained security controls access to Reports, Scheduling, and Administration functionality.
  • Report Auditing tracks start time, duration, status, and user of every report generated.
  • Support for multiple JNDI or Connection Pool DataSources for use in generating reports.
  • Support for Drill Down reports and external application integration via secure report generation URL.

OpenReports report generation and scheduling capabilities are also available directly via the ReportService, a Service-oriented architecture (SOA) for report generation and scheduling. The ReportService provides the ability to quickly add reporting functionality to existing or new applications through a comprehensive and flexible API exposed as a SOAP web service and to HTTP GET/PUT requests.


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